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Finger tip  control  -  just  flip  it on / off.
No struggle!  Will hold without  springs
or  rods.  The  handle  sticks  up  1 / 2"
above the hoop for ease of movement.

Showing Throw-off, Muffler Adjustment Knob and Three-Way Key


The only drum made today with a versatile
and usable internal muffler. Made of a thin,
but solid brass rod, it has a guitar-tuner type
mechanism which allows for subtle changes
in tone control. No need for gels or tape,
and is immediately adjustable.


Cocobolo Drum                                

Muffler Mechanism
Muffler Assembly
Muffler Assembly
Gladstone throw-off and numbered
muffler knob on 7" drum

Charlie Watts

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