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What is three-way tuning?

 In 1937 Billy Gladstone patented a system where you can tune the top and bottom head from the top of the drum, or even tune both heads at the same time. No need to turn the drum over to change the tuning. The key is attached to the shell.

How does the throw work?

 The throw has no springs and is held simply with three pins and natural leverage. It is instant on/off.

What is that knob by the throw?

 It is a muffler that really works! One slight twist engages the internal muffler that has a numbered gauge to easily duplicate the same sound.

Is each drum really customized?

 When you purchase a drum a customized plate will be engraved with your name and the date of purchase.

Can I put gut snares on the drum?

 The original drum had a butt end with 12 holes and a setscrew to hold each pair of gut. If one strand loosened it is easy to adjust that strand without disturbing all the rest.

Is this drum only for symphonic players?

 Even back in the 50s a good percentage of the drums were made for pop/jazz players like Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Shelly Manne. We have sold drums to major players like Carl Palmer, Charlie Watts, and many others.

What have you changed from the original?

 We have not changed anything. We have made some technological improvements and added different shell sizes and materials. Billy was only able to make 6” & 7” depths, but we have added a full range of sizes.

Have you ever made metal shell drums?

 Gladstone made metal shell drums. In fact, one of his personal drums had a copper shell. We have made drums with titanium shells, hammered copper shells and even fiberglass shells.

Can you put three-way tuning on a complete drum kit?

 With technological improvements we are now able to put three-way on any size drum. Isn’t it great to be able to tune the bottom head or the toms without taking it off the stand or lying on the floor? Tune the front head of the kick without getting off the throne.

Can I have my choice of heads?

 Every drum is custom made, so we will supply the heads that you choose.

Do you use generic hardware?

 NO! We make all of our own hardware except for the die cast hoops. We do not sell hardware so you are guaranteed an original Lang/Gladstone drum.

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